Things to Keep in Mind When Moving into a Smaller Home

Many young people consider downsizing a bad thing. A significant proportion is struggling in humongous homes that rarely add value to them just because they don’t want to downsize. However, research shows that most baby boomers now want to downsize into a smaller retirement home. Downsizing has its advantages. It can be the best decision that you ever made in your life.


If you inherit a 5-bathroom mansion from your family, it does not mean you have to maintain the property. Such houses suck money from you like giant vacuum cleaners. If you are not comfortable spending on them, make that decision to move as soon as you can. To help you out, here are a few things to do to make the experience worthwhile.

Sort and Take Inventory

First, it’s time to declutter. What is that thing that you would replace if it were lost or damaged? Anything that you will not spend to replace, keep it in the ‘may need’ corner. Label all the things that you would buy ‘must haves.’ We tend to keep things because of their appeal and not use. Those things that you hardly use, however valuable they are, consider labeling them ‘can do without.’ Remember, do not commit to a smaller home before you track your entire home inventory.

Fill the Closets and Storage

Before you start dealing with the tangible assets such as furniture and decorations, pack your valuable closet items. Your shoes, clothes, jewelry, toiletries, and such things can help you settle quickly into your new surroundings. Do not be tempted to throw them away yet, unless you have run out of storage. You may come to rue that decision later.

Sell—Use the Tape Measure

If a piece of furniture cannot fit into your new home, kindly sell it. It might rot away if it is stored outside the house where it is prone to precipitation. You can always get a smaller one that will do the same purpose. Part of downsizing is accepting that it is a good financial decision. Selling some of the things you hardly use can fund your moving expenditure, too. Do not estimate, use a tape measure to ensure that you have all the dimensions right.

Get Rid Of the Duplicates

If one item can work all right, why keep two? It is possible to keep one piece instead of multiple items that clutter your home. Your new home should be the epitome of minimalist designs. Do not overburden it with unnecessary things that you can fetch a tidy sum selling them online.

Hire an Expert Moving Company

Once you have decided to move, let the experts deliver on your promise. Everything that you have retained is dear to you. Don’t take unnecessary risks, such as breakage or damage.



You do not have to mull over the decision forever. It is a decision that people take in life all the time and everywhere in the world. The beauty of downsizing is that it gives you an opportunity to be in charge of your expenditure. You move to a house that you are comfortable paying its mortgage, taxes, and emergent repair work.

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