Best Places to Donate Your Household Goods before Moving in Houston

Whether you are moving to a smaller home or simply de-cluttering before you move, it always feels good to get rid of unusable items. Not only will this help you save time when packing, but it will also help you avoid too much money on your move. Before you purge your home, you might want to consider donating the stuff to thrift shops.


If you are not sure about where to take your items, here are a few examples you should consider in the Houston area. Please note that you will not just be touching a few souls in the Houston area. The donations are tax deductible. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Charity Guild of Catholic Women

Address: 1203 Lovett Blvd, Houston, TX 77006
Phone: +1 713-529-0995
Accepting: clothing, furniture, rugs, household goods, and more

The charity benefits children that are in need in the Houston area. You will need to drop off the items at the Guild Consignment. You can also call the number provided to get more details. When donating furniture, you will need to email photos and the dimensions of the items. To do this, use this email address: This will help them determine if they have enough space.

Goodwill Houston

Address: 1140 West Loop North, Houston, TX 77055
Phone: +1 713-692-6221
Accepting: clothing, furniture, household items, electronics, exercise equipment, vehicles, and more

This organization helps to create job opportunities for the needy. They also help get job training after that, and they organize job fairs where they can get jobs. Besides that, they have a homeless veteran reintegration program where homeless people are helped to find housing and jobs.

For employers, they help employers find quality temporary employees. This organization also helps the disabled find the skills they need to get jobs. They do not offer a pickup service. To donate your items, you will have to drop them off at a store close to you. You can find a list of stores on their site.

Harbor Ministries

Address: 1625 Spencer Hwy, South Houston, TX 77587
Phone: +1 713-242-9400
Accepting: furniture, clothes, housewares, tools, appliances, food, vehicles, and more

The organization works to benefit the homeless and those in need. You may drop off the items yourself or get in touch with them to schedule a pickup.

Helping Hands Charity, Inc.

Address: 6521 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77074
Phone: +1 832-528-3133
Accepting: gently used clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, toys, mattresses, jewelry, vehicles, and more

The organization is dedicated to helping people and families who are in need in the Houston area. They offer a free pickup service.


Houston Furniture Bank

Address: 8220 Mosley Rd, Houston, TX 77075
Phone: +1 713-842-9771

Accepting: Gently used furnishings, refrigerators, vacuums, iron board, small electronic appliances, and more

The organization benefits families, children, and individuals that are in need. They ran a special service called adopt a family. Through this program, one can help a family in need. To donate to this organization, send a picture to If you want a free pickup, get in touch with them.

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