5 Tricks for Moving Your Mattress Without Hurting Your Back

Moving a mattress is a job best for two or more people, but in some situations, only one person can carry this item. When no one is around to help and moving a mattress by yourself becomes the only option, it is a challenge that not only adds difficulty to the day but puts you in line for injuries. Back injuries are especially common when moving a mattress improperly. Use the five tricks below when moving things alone. With this information in mind, you’ll reduce the risks of both damages and injuries when moving a mattress by yourself.

1. Fold the mattress.

As this blog post mentions, a folded mattress is considerably more manageable to move when only one person handles the task, especially for larger mattress sizes. Folding reduces both its width and height, decreasing flimsiness. It’s also smaller, so it’s easier for a single person to maneuver and hold. However, folding a mattress with coil may damage the piece, so use this technique only with foam mattresses. 

2. Lift from the knees.

Do not use your back when lifting the mattress. Bend your hips and knees, squat down, and pick it up, keeping it as close to your body as possible. Straighten your legs and lift to move the mattress. Never put it on your shoulders or above shoulder level. Using proper moving techniques is the best way to prevent back injuries.

3. Use a dolly.

Perhaps the simplest method to move a mattress by yourself is to use a dolly to get the job done. If you don’t own one already, borrow from a friend or rent from a moving company for a small fee. Dollies are beneficial for moving mattresses from homes to vehicles, especially if you’re going up or downstairs with the item. It alleviates the worry of back injuries and all other headaches you’d endure. 

4. Clear the path.

Many back injuries occur when a person moves a mattress, not due to its size or weight, but instead due to items in the pathway when they begin moving it. Avoid this worry by pre-clearing the path you’ll use to load the mattress onto the truck.

5. Maneuver the mattress.

Place the mattress on its side. Move it by rotating it left to right as you move back toward the moving truck. Wrap it up in blankets or towels ahead of time to prevent dirt and grime from destroying the furniture.

Moving a mattress by yourself should never be your first option, but when there is no other choice, keep the tips above in mind to reduce the frustrations it may bring. Moving a mattress alone is possible when you know how to do it.

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